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Friday, January 28, 2011

A Glass Half Full - Ordre du Jour - January 28, 2011

A Glass Half Full - Ordre du Jour:

Artists want to be successful.  To be successful you have to market and connect.  In this world of social media and marketing there is work to be done by the artist who is a do-it-yourself kind of person.

Checking my several email accounts, 3 websites, this blog, my ebay store and other accounts needs to be a daily ritual.  It would be embarrassing to know someone checked out your websites and they were not up to date.  It does astound me that it may be necessary to spend so much time at my computer.  I think - I should be painting, I want to be painting or creating.  It is my internal spirit and soul.  If you love something so much you should attach yourself to it.  But you also want to be successful.  But then we should not discuss success.

So for several reasons aside from writing this blog, I am concentrating on my websites and their content.  I am inviting you to visit them, and  which should be visitor perfect. .  And then there is Facebook and Twitter.  I am trying to get a hold on Twitter, as my friend N Taylor Collins thinks it is the greatest.  So I am learning to follow, get followed and tweet.  How sweet tweeting is!

I have also been graciously included in a Facebook group:" The Poetry Den".  An advocate of all the arts I must say  I know no rules or formats regarding poetry.  I only can speak from the heart and apply pen to paper.  I do love to read the poetry or creative writings I compose. 

I have come to realize in the last few days that the "Art Glass" is always at least half full.  The glass is our creative spirit. And filling the glass is the challenge.

This poem below, Morning Light,  I created for My French Husband.  We now talk about "the glass half full" almost every day.

Morning Light

     It is morning.

     Sun not shining,

     snow not snowing,

     rain not raining. 

     Just clouds, dampness and grey,

     spreading over the earth

     and into the glass.

     The glass is half full.
     We both study the glass.

     I look at its emptiness.

     He looks at its fullness.

     We both need a larger glass.

            Maria Liberto Bessette

# # # # # # #

Night night!  Sleep tight!

Bon Soir!

Maria L B

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