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Frutta V
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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Planning A Thoughtful, Healthful and Artful New Year

Oh my it is 2013!
I am not resolving to strictly change, but giving more thought to sharing my blog and my "thoughtful, healthful and artful life" on a more regular basis, as well as being more thoughtful, healthful and artful myself.

Maria painting "en Plein Air", Killens Pond State Park, Delaware
November 2012

In fact here are some tips I want to share.  Setting goals and aspiring for self-improvement can be set anytime during the year.  Although the measurement of achieving a goal over time needs a starting point such as the first month of the new year. (So I do not want to call our goals and expectation for 2013 - New Years Resolutions.)
Make a strong commitment, but aim for a realistic result.  Believe in yourself.  Know in advance that you can really accomplish what you want to achieve.  Share your goals with a friend you can trust.  They can help you be accountable. Being aware that someone else knows and may ask about your commitment may also keep you focused. Have a vision of how you will see yourself after achieving the resolve set at the start. Focus on that sight.

Make realistic expectations.  Don't set the result too high, which creates failure in advance of success.  Do give yourself an achievable challenge. 

Write down your goals.  That always makes them real.  They are a concrete reminder of what you want to create. Keep a brief list in areas where you spend time.  These notes keep you aware of your goals during busy times of life.

Plan out your goals.  Plan how to achieve the end result.  How will you get there.  Have a plan.  Make a rough outline by the week and month to help with you achieve the goal. (Example:  I have outlined topics to share with you by the month.  Now I can research each topic and create a post when complete.)

Be flexible in achieving your goal.  Being too rigid can be confining.  You may need time off from the challenge.  From time to time your goal may not fit into your free time, vacation, home life, or a crises.  Allow time for some distraction or excuses.  And don't punish yourself.  Each day is a new day to allow for life's challenges and success.

Conclusion:  Be the best person you can be.  Think positive, be positive. Take time to take care of your own self, so you can also take care of others.  Be the example, not the follower.

To summarize my own goals:  To create a balance in my life of health, thoughtfulness, purpose, thankfulness and creativity.

Stay tuned for for more about my goals and new topics I will share along with "Maria's Artful Life":  Recipes & Food, Gardening, Natural Home Living, Organizing, DYI, Health, Shopping (favorite products), Sewing & Fiber Arts, Creativity & Art, Plein Air Painters, Design, Simple Living and Saving Money.

January 2, 2013 Sunset
Go forward, one step at a time and "Peace Be With You",

Maria Liberto Bessette