Frutta V

Frutta V
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Creating Natural Laundry Soap - Sept 29, 2010

Maria's Natural Laundry Soap:   I love all things green, eco friendly, natural and organic.  But who can create their own natural laundry soap and not pay those high prices?  Who also has just purchased a new low sudsing washer?  Since I produce the old time lye & lard soap many older customers request I can also create a laundry soap very similar to "Ivory Snow", but is 100 % pure.  Using grated soap, washing soda and borax powder, Coastal Cottage Soaps produces a great laundry soap without detergents and other additives.  I have been wanting to share this product with you:

Natural Laundry Soap Ingredients

Artful Images:    The Fine Art Exhibit is hung and on display.  The exhibit catalog listing is completed along with art identification cards which are display next to each painting.   The Show Looks Great!!  I can't wait for it to be judged by our art professional.   I am creating official ballots whereby all visitors can vote for their favorite pics for the People's Choice Awards.  Votes will be tallied and those awards will be presented on on Oct 26.

I wish you all visit the exhibit.  Here is a glimpse of the Food, Farm & Foliage Fine Art Exhibit, sponsored by the Holly Branch of American Pen Women, currently on display at the Delaware Agricultural Museum, Dover, DE.  Our fine artists are from across the Delmarva Peninsula.  The exhibit opens Friday, October 1.

Maria & her painting:   "Vegetables on a Windowsill"

N. Taylor Collins, past NLAPW Pres & Holly Branch Secretary
 and her painting:  "Fading"

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More to do tomorrow so we must part.  Until then,

Maria L B

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