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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Coastal Cottage "Soap Cakes" Pastry Challenge - January 26, 2011

 My "Soap Cakes" Creation Story
6 inch "Soap Cakes" Bakery Cake

Slice it into party favors for the girls.

Assorted "Soap Cakes" Cupcakes

The Coastal Cottage Soap Journey continues with another successful challenge in my soap making galley/studio some time ago.  I am always searching and thinking about new ways to put more creativity into my natural soap making business.  I have made tons of real honest to goodness natural soap bars for ladies, men, children, and dogs with essential fragrance oils, botanical, coconut oil, shea butter and olive oil.  I have created laundry soap, simulated sea glass, boats, blue crabs, Delaware, stained glass, shells, peaches, flowers, famous artists paintings and more using my handcrafted soap.

Obviously I believe you can develop soap into just about any kind of food or item.  Almost like the new "cake baker/artists" who get challenged on the  TV food channels. So why not!  I  could make bakery  soap cakes, fancy cupcakes, brownies, cookies, cheese cake bites and more.  The bakery cakes could even be cut into slices for party favors at the party. A few other soap makers were doing it.  I knew I could make soap cakes too. 

So away I went to my soap making galley/studio with recipes and photos of whipped soap. 

Whipped Soap for "Soap Cakes"

It is a entirely different process than the regular natural soap recipes, but using the same ingredients in slightly different proportions. (You do know I make my soap entirely from scratch.)   By my side was one of two grandsons, who seemed to be interested in this different method of creating soap.  To date he is the only family member who has been hands-on involved with the soap making process.  (Although My French Husband is the chemical engineer of the business.)  We did have to have everything planned out in advance including all colored soap decorations which would adorn the soap pastries.  
Toppings to Decorate "Soap Cakes"
Cupcake pan & liners ready to be filled
So we had all pans lined with paper ready to be filled.  We were producing a 6 inch bakery cake, 12 cupcakes and 24 cheese cake bites.  We also had prepared a mold for sandlewood soap bars if we had soap to spare.  We had great fun as well as a very, very successful case of soap cakes and pastries. 

The challenge was so successful that I am now selling these pastry treasures at various locations as well as my website.  Is there no end to creativity? 

Below are photos of more soap cupcakes, brownies and cheese cake bites.  You can find Soap Cakes on my website  Enjoy but don't eat!

Assorted "Soap Cakes" Pastries
Real Cured Natural Soap!

A Great Valentines Day Gift!

"Soap Cakes" Cupcakes
No Calories!

"Soap Cakes" Cheesecake Bites

Great Party Favors!

"Soap Cakes" Brownies

Do Not Eat! 

Thank goodness these Soap Cakes have no calories!  They are all entirely real soap and can be used as soap. 

"Soap Cakes" Cupcake Close Up

They are so special!

Love to all and please create something.

Maria L B

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