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Frutta V
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Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Joyfull Artful 2010 Summary & Wishing for a New Year Full of Creativity -- January 2, 2011

  Wow What a Creative 2010 Year! And a glimpse of a few images of projects and events to prove it:

Maria adding coconut oil into a recipe of natural soap,
by Coastal Cottage Soaps.
Maria stirring a recipe of natural soap.

"Starry Night" Handcrafted "Artsy" Soap
by Maria

Holly Branch, APW April 2010 Meeting
Dover DE

Carrot Cake with Lemon Glaze
Weight Watchers Recipe

Coastal Cottage Soap Display at Duncan Center Fashion  Show, Dover DE

Delaware Bay Sea Glass We Have Collected in 2010

Delaware Sea Glass Soap (with colored soap pieces) by Coastal Cottage Soaps

Maria by Her Paintings at Small Wonders Juried & Judged Exhibit
May 2010
Delaware Agricultural Museum, Dover DE
"Genoa" Handcrafted Canvas Art Rug (Floorcloth) by Maria
Liberto's Art

Coastal Cottage Body Butter
Ingredients:  bees wax, shea butter, oil of almond
Coastal Cottage Soaps
Mediterranean Orzo Salad
with ingredients from Maria's Garden

Hand Painted Linen Hand Sewn Delaware Coaster

Maria's Summer Potted Foliage & Flowers

Maria's "Four Peaches" oil painting in progress

Handcrafted Wool Felted Soaps

An Array of Fresh Vegetables to Create a Wonder Summer Dinner

Maria's "Vegetables on the Windowsill" Painting in Progress.

Maria with her framed "Vegetables on the Windowsill" oil painting ready to hang

Ingredients for Natural Laundry Soap by Coastal Cottage Soaps

Coastal Cottage Natural Laundry Soap

Food, Farm & Foliage Juried and Judged Exhibit
Sponsored by Holly Branch, APW
October 2010, Dover DE
Maria's "Tuscany" Painting Entry
Diamond State Pen Women Biennial Exhibit
October 2010, Wilmington DE

My Coastal Cottage Pumpkin Pie Soap

Maria Demonstrating Floorcloth Art
First State Heritage Parks, Merchant Fair
November 2010, Dover DE
Handcrafted "Naples" Floorcloth for
Liberto's Art

No Bake Cannoli Cheesecake
Recipe by Weight Watchers

Maria's Floorcloth Demonstration
Dover Art League
November 2010
Dover, DE
"Palermo" Floorcloth
Handcrafted by Maria for Liberto's Art

Delaware's Poet Laureate, Jo Ann Balingit
(bottom right)
Poetry Night Live
November 2010, Kent County Library
Co-sponsored by Holly Branch, APW
Also bottom left -Linda Blaskey
Top L to R - Maria Bessette, N Taylor Collins & K M Hammond

Handmade Embellished Christmas Tags
Maria's Newest Creation:
Delaware Floorcloth
December 2010
Featured Artist:  Delaware Made
Downtown Dover, DE

Holly Branch December Planning Meeting
Left to right:  K M Hammond, Donna Hansen, Ann Rosati, N T Collins, Dianne Bauer, Delores Sapienza, Linda Blaskey, and President Maria Bessette

My greatest wish for all that view this blog is for you to be positive,  have self confidence and always look for the next path that may lead you to the creative life. 
 Don't be afraid to take little steps and remember we are all in training for what may lie ahead. 
Can you imagine life without out.  Art is life and life is art.

# # # # #

Best to all:

Maria L B

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