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Frutta V
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Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Artful Life of Maria - Art Philosophy and Inspiration

Maria giving a floorcloth demo and lecture.

Blogger, Maria Liberto Bessette, posts random story lines in The Artful Life of Maria.


My Design Philosophy 

     My philosophy in the designs I choose stems and encompasses many of my interests.  The love of historical sites and natural settings have led to many plein air paintings. With paintings I strive to capture the colors that assist in promoting the subject matter.  Placing on the most often overlooked color or hue involves more thought from the viewer.  I love to apply many layers of paint to produce depth and allowing a glimsp of the underlaying colors as with the impressionist artists.

     The designs chosen in my series of painted canvas floorcloths represent a spectrum of historical patterns to modern the contemporary designs.  My discussion of this historical craft presents the historical designs and utilitarian use throughout history to the present day.  Presenting modern designs shows the versatility of this wonderful craft.
My Inspiration

     The focus of my inspiration comes from the natural environment, wildlife, flora and landscape vistas.  Historical sites and designs are entwined within all elements of my creative work.  Painting "en plein air" with like artists offers the challenge of the elements and new inspirational outdoor locations. Creating with other artists provides a sense brotherhood you never experience in your own studio.

Wildlife, Rivers, Design, Sky, Flora, Landscapes, Historic, Vistas, Birds, Clouds, Ocean, Sea, Ponds, Lakes 

     Influenced by my mother, Mildred Anderson (also an artist) I have been looking through the her eyes, drawing, painting and playing with her oil paints since the age of two. She constantly pointed to me how to see through the artist eyes and what to look for. Looking, searching, seeing, sketching, and always taking time to answer my questions we were in tune with nature and art. Watching and learning the creative skills of my father, Italian woodworker, Peter Liberto, I have stayed busy creating when I may have stayed idle.


My Materials

     A sketch pad is always nearby to capture ideas and random sketches. I love to work in pen and ink, pencil and charcoal. Watercolor and acrylic paints take a back seat to my choice of oil. On canvas it provides a unique feeling when the brush butter like oil paint touches the canvas.  I do use acrylic paints depending on the situation and possible completion date.  Painting outside the studio, I use a french easel, camp chair, umbrella, and more.

     Flat working table space is quite necessary to create the painted canvas rugs.  A specific type of canvas is required after which the fabric is sized, measured, hemmed, painted with gesso, flexible outdoor acrylic house paint, detailed with acrylic artist paint, and finished  with many layers of poly acrylic.

     Many other materials and supplies have been used to create ceramics, stained glass, metal works, jewelry, notecards, faux finished walls, decreative home fashions such as furniture, window treatments, slipcovers, duvet covers, upholstery, clothing and so much more.

I give you these phases and words to live art by:

        Please have fun on your own artistic journey.  Really, everyone must have at least one creative gene they can work with.  If you have the desire it is possible to create.  I believe some have the God given talent, and others need real training.   Just keep practicing and enjoy your craft.

Peace to all who read this post,

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